Deciduous Fruit Tree Nursery
Deciduous fruit breeding adapted do warm environments

Clone Viveiros is a company which is engaged in both the nursery business and deciduous fruit production for more than 35 years. Besides that, it carries a much older experience on the breeding of deciduous fruit species scion varieties for lower chill requirement to break bud dormancy. In addition to it, disease resistance, high productivity and fruit quality summarize ours breeding goals.

Clone Viveiros is located nearby the city of Curitiba, Paraná State, South of Brazil, where it is well known for the cultivars and rootstocks released which arevery successful in Brazil for all these years.

Nowadays, and more in the future, global warming will extend the areas where low chill cultivars are to be grown.

We list in this page the most recent releases of our breeding programs. More else could be inquired directly to us by saying your specific interest, business size and use the commercial expectancy and proposal as well for the use of this type of cultivars.

Clone Viveiros e Fruticultura Ltda.
Office: +55 (41) 3253-2940
Contact: roberto@cloneviveiros.com.br
Curitiba – Paraná State – Brazil