Mirage Apple

Variety: MIRAGE
Origin: Natural mutation of Eva
Breeder: Clone Nursery, Brazil
Licence Holder: Clone Nursery, Brazil
Fruit size (mm): Mostly 70 to 85 mm
Bloom date: Very early (August 18th in South Hemisfere)
Chill Requirement: 300-400 CU (compared to 1000-1150 for Gala)
Picking date: Very early (December 25 in South Hemisfere )
Pollinated by: Princesa, Mirage, Julieta
Tree type: Erect, abundant bloom and seeting in lateral buds of 1 year old shoot
Growth: Weak to average
Productivity: Time to first cropping: very rapid
Yield: escepcionally good
Susceptibilty to alternated bearing: no even after very heavy crops
Chemical thinning: difficult
Response to Diseases: as standard varieties
Storage: Cold Storage: 60-90 days
CA storage
Uses: Early Gala type with excelente striped collor; suitable to areas where other high chill apples do not performe well.
Note: Extremelly productive; very high fruit set even in one year old lateral buds; carefull prunning essential to facilitate thinnning; very good fruit quality but requires multiple pickings
Fruit: Skin: striped dark red collor, similar to striped dark Galas
Flesh: very crispy, juicy
Taste: sweet



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